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A Subjects of Concepts

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Creativity is the capacity of to join fantasy and materialization.Who teaches that is the italian sociologist Domenico of Mesi.There is to be descovered the criativity and the inclination of the thing and, to remove the obstacles of the road.

It is more or less inside of that revenue that you /they move the emergent countries.But, any mistake in the ingredients and the population is who more you/he/she suffers.See Russia and all your warli-Ke potencial.Even so,your citizens don’tescape from consuming italianice creams with date of due production.Good, does he/she wonder the one what the poorcountries they have to give to the rich ones?Air bases, naval,your culture and matter excels.It is a new slaveryform.Less painful, stiller a slavery.A modern type of slavery.

It is useful, in this case, to do use of insert attempts not distanced of the reality.Emittedsigns of the USA leave clear that there are not reasons for torrents of expectations, like this so positive for Latin –American states.There is not interestof the “cousin poterza” in beginning aconversion process to the Latin regionalism.

The structure of change powders polarity in the word politics,generated efforts to strengthen regional government’s initiatives.gone back to the globalization.Alignment strategiesand concerns with subjects of distribution of power in regional and global level.Without a doubt, inthe brazilian

Case, to quadruplicateto divide and to demonstrate liguisticdomain in imitations ofGreman , inthe meeting as the one of Rio, does’t increase the credibilityof the Country.In fact,we didn’t need to be deep to know that important it was eaten very well.

He/She/you doesn’t refuse the importance of MERCOSUL, important fuel for expansion of the level “gesselschaft”(F.Tonnies.), complicatedword to designate developing of the sociological idea of association of business.the one that she criticize is theresult of the lack of presidential creativity with relationshipto the application of another concept of the same sociologistthe “gemeinshchaft” , initially employee for the communities ‘s stydy,used to analyse reasons of solidarity and loyalty

From behind of the regionalism.The elasticity of the concepts,well it could be backdrop to the rela-Tionship fantasy – materealization.Stiller: to remove obstacles of the road...

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